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The creator

Laurence SABBAH, the designer was predestined to become a journalist. Bold and go-getter, she has always loved challenges. It was by chance that she fell into the world of high costume jewelry. Indeed, passionate about fashion, she decides to create her own jewelry, in a bobo-chic spirit in precious materials, the photos are published on social networks. The success is immediate. The adventure was launched ...

Liora's workshop is now followed by more than 20,000 followers on Instagram.
She follows a training course to improve her know-how, and it is with frenzy and passion that she develops all her collections. All the jewels are created from semi-precious stones and gilded with fine 24 carat gold, made in his Parisian workshop/showroom. She finds inspiration through her travels, but it is in Jaipur that she anchors her to find the most beautiful stones. They are jewels of character with always color, the right proportions between materials and associations. Jewelry for free women who dare to be themselves, jewelry which embellishes women.

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